Full Form of CC in Bike

Full Form of CC in Bike

The full form of CC In Bike Stand for “Cubic Centimeter” The CC is also known the Engine Displacement in the bike and it is a key parameter to determine the bike cylinder capacity including the engine’s power and how much power supply to the bike engine during the driving. 

The CC also determines the fuel consumption per kilometer of the run. But the running mileage is varying from the road condition or up and down the road.

Full Form of CC in Bike

What is CC in Bike?

The CC in bike stand for Cubic Capacity of the bike engine and how much fuel consumption per kilometer including how much increase the bike engine power. The cubic capacity also provides the exact capacity and size of the bike engine has.

Highest CC In Bike:

Well known and famous motorbike bike Triumph Rocket is a three-cylinder motorbike has the highest CC 2,294. It has the largest engine with power in all bike series yet now.

Full Form of CC In Bike=  Cubic Centimeter

Top 10 CC Full Forms Commonly Used

CC- Cubic Centimeter

CC- Cubic Capacity

CC- Combustion Cylinder

CC- Cylinder Capacity

CC- Computerize Calculation

CC- Carbon Copy

CC- Clear Cut

CC- Camera Caption

CC- Car Control

CC- Capital Cost


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