Full Form of OPD in Hospital

Full Form of OPD in Hospital

The full form of OPD In Hospital Stands for “Out-Patient Department” OPD is the place for the reception of patients and takes care of patients properly. 

The OPD staff overall responsible to give proper first aid health care medicines if need or provide information for a further check-up of patients if required.

Full Form of OPD in Hospital

What is OPD?

OPD is the first reception of patients and examine the overall health condition. Functions of OPD are: check the blood pressure, examine health condition, provide the first aid medicines, prepare the patient health history record, and provide drip glucose and other medicines to sustain the patient’s health condition.

Types of OPD:

Types of OPD are initially checkup of the patient according to the health condition, Medical Officer examines thoroughly the condition of patients and advice the prescriptions if the health condition is not critical. However, if the patient's health condition critical, the medical office refers the case to the subject specialist for full treatment. The OPD comprises the following specialties i.e. child care, maternity, casualties, surgery, gynecology, psychiatry, and family medicines.

Full Form of OPD in Hospital=  Out Patient Department

Top 10 OPD Full Forms Commonly Used

OPD- Out Patient Department

OPD- Oakland Police Department

OPD- Other Public Department

OPD- Optical Path Difference

OPD- Ohio Police Department

OPD- Organize Policy Dialogues

OPD- Online Paper Data

OPD- Overall Patient Diagnosis

OPD- Off-Page Data

OPD- Other Peoples Drama


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