Full Form of PAN

Full form of PAN 

The full form of PAN Stands for “Permanent Account Number” The PAN is your unique identification code and access root to enter your financial transaction record form your bank. All scheduled banks and financial institutions providing electronic access to account holders without any hurdle.

full form of pan

The PAN is necessary to identify the account holder’s nationality as well. It is mandatory to open a PAN account in any bank if you employed with a company where employee’s salary paid through the bank. 
The PAN number contains a ten digits alphanumeric combination provided by the Income Tax department. It is issued under the Income Tax Department Act of 1961, subsection 139A.
Full Form of PAN in Computer:
The full form of PAN allows the user to interconnect many computer devices with each other to share soft data and images from one to another computer device easily. Mobile users can also use to transmit information, text or message from mobile to computer, tablets with a single click.
Full Form of PAN=  Permanent Account Number

Top 10 Full Forms of PAN Commonly Use

PAN- Permanent Account Number

PAN- Personal Area Network

PAN- Presence Across Nation

PAN- Peoples Account Number

PAN- Policy Align Network

PAN- Permanent Access Network

PAN- Party Account Nature

PAN- Provide Actual Name

PAN- Payment Account Name

PAN- Polite Action Needed


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