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The full form of SST Stands for “Secondary School Teacher” Secondary School teachers are responsible to show a minimum of 18 subjective periods per week as per the direction of the varsity headmaster/Principal. 

The rest of the time is to be used for important non-teaching duties like lesson preparation, marking student work, researching new topics, and co-curricular activities. Learn the full meaning of Fail

Key Skills Required for SST:

  • Familiar with latest curriculums
  • Behavior assessment of students
  • Should have a participative approach
  • Punctual with assigned tasks
  • Able to conduct mid-terms timely
  • Openness to learning from students

Key job requirements
Student Assessment
Examination Conduction
Student Portfolios
Student Counseling
Supervising Mini Research and Book Reviews
Contributing to Ex-Curricular Activities

High School Teacher Salary:
Secondary School Teacher with 1-4 years of experience earns a mean total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of Rs 200,000 supported by 17 salaries. A mid-career lyceum Teacher with 5-9 years of experience earns a mean total compensation of Rs 400,000 supported by 8 salaries.

SST Full Form In Education:
The subject contains multiple fields of social science and the humanities including geography, history, and political science. The purpose of adding the subject is to integrate several disciplines with unique methods and a special focus on concentration.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What Does SST Mean?
Acronym Definition
SST Social Security Tax
SST State Support Team (Ohio educational support agency)
SST Surface Skin Temperature
SST Stream SubText

What is SST In School?
The Student Study Team is a partnership between the school and home that uses a problem-solving approach to help students be more successful in school. How does a student get referred to the SST? often, teachers refer a student to the SST. How is Hostel Life In India?

Full Form of SST=  Secondary School Teacher

Top 10 Full Form of SST Commonly Use

SST- Sea Surface Temperature

SST- Social Study Teacher

SST- Some Square Total

SST- Super Sonic Transport

SST- Social Science Tips

SST- Small Scale Training

SST- Secondary School Teacher

SST- Subject Specialist Teacher

SST- Semi Skills Trainer

SST- School Student Teacher

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