Full Form of JOB

Full Form of JOB

The full form of JOB stands for “Junior Officer Batch” The job is an agreement between the employer and employee for the specific time frame or a permanent basis as per the Govt set rules. An employee agreed to sell his/her expertise to the employers with monthly packages including other benefits, but it varies by the employer’s policy and procedures.

Full Form of JOB

Jobs Categories:

There are mainly 3 types of job available in the market i.e. short-term job, extended-term job or permanent job.

Short Term Job:  for a specific time till the accomplishment of given tasks
Extended-term Job: for a longer time associate with funding period or donor agreement time.
Permanent Job: Govt jobs are considered permanent person eligible from 18 to 60 years of age.

Type of Jobs:

2 types of jobs available in the job market, i.e. online jobs or off physical jobs. Online jobs are just like virtual officers were employees perform duties online from home and complete the tasks from home. Physical jobs are those were employees perform duties in given premises and give daily attendance as per rules set.

Full Form of JOB “Junior Officer Batch”

Top 10 JOB Abbreviations

JOB- Junior Officer Batch

JOB- Jam on Boat

JOB- Jobs on Bank

JOB- Jointly Organize Briefing

JOB- Jazz Online Bank

JOB- Job Opportunities Board

JOB- Join Online Brands

JOB- Join Original Business

JOB- Jump Other Bank

JOB- Join Other Business


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