10 Easy LAW Full Form

The full form of LAW stands for “Legal Agreement Witness” the LAW's full meaning is pre-defined procedures and SOPs for all people who belong to the same country. 

The parliament of any country passes a resolution unanimously on the floor of the house and the upper house approved becomes the country's LAW. 

Easy Understandable (10) LAW Full Forms

After approval from the upper house, all administrative and law enforcement agencies are bound to implement it in their jurisdiction.

Definition of LAW:

LAW is a rule of conduct developed by the parliament with the consensus of MLAs, were address the most common issues and their solutions according to the need of the people of the respective country.

Type of LAWs:

Parliament-approved LAW: Parliament-approved LAWs are very strong and immediately implementable throughout the country. All departments bond to obey the new legislation w.e.f day of approval from the upper house.

Presidential Ordinance LAW: President of the country has the power to issue an ordinance to overcome any Immediate issue raised. But the ordinance is for the time being and it will dysfunctional after the stipulated time. Learn Lawyer Fee Example

Three Basic Elements of LAW:

In general, every crime involves three elements: first, the act or conduct; second, the individual's psychological state at the time of the act; and third, the causation between the act and therefore the effect.


Five Basic Principals of LAW:

They identify it with the elemental principles of liberalism and democracy, citing, as constituent elements, the principle of separation of powers, legality, recognition of individual freedom and equality, review, and therefore the relationship between law and morality.

Full-Form of LAW “Legal Agreement Witness”

Top 10 LAW Full Forms

LAW- Low Attitude Warning

LAW- Legal Agreement Witness

LAW- Logistic Arranging Wing

LAW- Lakeer Andar Wali

LAW- Love And Wedding

LAW- Legal Action Words

LAW- Last Action War

LAW- Love Always Win

LAW- Local Area Wireless

LAW- Land Air Water

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