Top 10 WIFE Full Form

The full form of WIFE stands for “Wonderful Item For Entertainment” indeed it is necessary to choose a perfect life partner for your whole life.  A supportive and loving wife is a special gift from God. To understand each other, couples need to spend some time with each other to understand the feeling and lifestyles of a life partner.

Wife Positive Points:

Graceful look, attractive face,  supportive attitude, best situational analyzer committed for long time affiliation, task-oriented, love familiar, educated, humble, understanding, accept a balanced lifestyle, mental and physically strong, and be a good mother of kids.


Wife Negative Points:

Dishonest, problem creator, hard attitude, meaningless gossip, illiterate, mentally weak, unsupportive, casual attitude, misunderstanding, helplessness, negative thinking, unacceptable.

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Wife:

Loving: Your life partner’s top quality is love. The husband can judge the wife's full affiliation with him or not. Wife love is top quality.

Caring: Caring for each other is 2nd top quality. If the wife not caring for your family members or even your own son and daughter is not acceptable. Wife good caring is the top quality to make life happiest.

Relationship: A good relationship with the whole family and husband is the best quality of a wife. A good relationship is a key to a beautiful life ahead.

Respecting: The couple should respect each other and understand each other to make life beautiful and healthy. A good wife should respect her husband and family.

Supportive: A good wife should play a supportive character when needed.  A wife should play a key role to decrease the tense situation that arises with her husband.

Best Friend: Contribute a good supportive role in her husband's life and provide assurance to be a good friend forever whatsoever.

Calmness: A good wife handles all stressful situations inside or outside and assurance she is always with her husband whatsoever.

Literate:  A literate wife plays a tremendous role in the family even her own children’s education. A Literate wife pays full attention to her own kids for better education.

Able to handle the tough situation: A good wife always play a core part to handle any situation i.e. financial, domestic, health, and other crisis if any arise at the home.

Purity:  A good wife always goes deep with hard to help a family member if needed. The Top-quality of a wife is to she should be able to analyze the home situation and inform her husband about it clearly.


Beautiful WIFE (10) Full-Forms

WIFE- Wonderful Item For Entertainment

WIFE- Watchful Item for Ever

WIFE- Waiter In Family Ever

WIFE- Wanting In Family Ever

WIFE- Wishing In Family Ever

WIFE- Willful in Family Enhancement

WIFE- Washing Item Forever

WIFE- Wonderful Individual For

WIFE- Wireless Intercom For Ever

WIFE- Watchful In Family Ever 

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