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The full form of BCA stands for “Bachelor of Computer Applications” mostly students thinking about their future and scope of the field which is growing in the job market. 

After completion of the Higher Secondary Certificate, the student decides their field of interest according to their choice. The BCA is one of the fields which is currently in top demand in the job market. 


What Will Be BCA Full Forms? | Top 10 Answers

Bachelor in Computer Applications is a well-growing technical field and it is trending in the IT market.  Basically, the BCA degree is to address computer applications i.e. Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, access, graphic design, etc.

The BCA is 3 years undergraduate diploma program equal to a degree program offered by top universities or it is considered equivalent to B.Tch and B.E in computer science.

 Important Subjects in BCA 1st Years are mentioned hereunder:

Semester 1                                                           Semester 2

Financial Accounting                                          Computer Networks

Software Engineering                                         Programming In Java

Database Management                                       SystemsJava Programming Lab

Object-Oriented Programming Using C++        DBMS Project Lab


Basic Subjects in BCA Degree are mentioned hereunder:

Subject Code         Subject Name

BCA-303               Computer Architecture & Assembly Language

BCA-304               Business Economics

BCA-305               Mathematics-III

BCA-351               Object-Oriented Programming with 'C++ Lab

It is a unique IT-related program for those students who want to build their careers in computer science.


Full-Form of  BCA “Bachelor of Computer Applications”


Top 10 BCA Full-Forms

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications

BCA- Basic Computer Awareness

BCA- Become Computer Assistant

BCA- Build Computerize Application

BCA- Basic Course Assessment

BCA- Best Calculation Analysis

BCA- Build Commercial Apartment

BCA- Bachelor of Commerce Applications

BCA- Best Communication Approach

BCA- Broad Customer Approach

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