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The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was established on November 16, 1999, by the National Accountability Ordinance. 

The NAB is a federal executive agency of the Government of Pakistan, with the mandate to deal with corruption prevention, raise public awareness, and enforce anti-corruption measures. 

The full form of NAB stands for “National Accountability Bureau” the NAB is an independent Government entity with a mandate to look after and prevent all financial corruption cases in any Govt, semi Govt, public-private partnership, or non-governmental organization. 

The NAB has the constitutionally right to investigate all kinds of financial transactions internally or externally and register corruption cases with proof.


Top 10 Tremendous NAB Full Forms

Chairman NAB headed the central office with full authority and coordinate with all provincial NAB, offices to initiate the provincial level financial fraud cases. 

The provincial NAB offices directly report to the chairman and authorize the power to initiate check/investigate ongoing or completed projects.

NAB's core function is to prevent financial misleading, corruption, merits, and demerits of ongoing activities.  

The constitution allows NAB to check and reconcile all Public Sector Development Projects PSDP initiated by the provincials.

NAB chairman has directly reporting line to the president and share NAB finding or bargaining’s report through the report. 

President has the power to appoint of NAB chairman for a specific period of time and has the right to change or replace at any time.

NAB’s main slogan is called “Say No To Corruption” and its slogan is spreading widely all over the country through publications, awareness sessions, and strengthening the loopholes of the existing system with help of highly qualified professionals. Citizen Portal Pakistan



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Top 10 NAB Full-Forms

NAB- National Accountability Bureau

NAB- Non-Accounting Budget

NAB- National Arts Board

NAB- New Arrival Broadcast

NAB- Note Actual Budget

NAB- North American Boundary

NAB- Northern Area Belt

NAB- News Article Body

NAB- No Action Based

NAB- Norton Anti Board

NAB- Need Active Business

NAB- No Attention Behavior

NAB- Newly Acquired Basement 

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