Top 10 Multiple UPA Full Form

The full form of UPA stands for “United Progressive Alliance” UPA is a coalition of center-left political parties of INDIA. The UPA was formed in 2004 to contest the general elections in INDIA.

The United Progressive Alliance formed soon after the 2004 general elections when it had become clear that no party had won and the simple majority in the national assembly.


Top 10 Multiple UPA Full Forms | UPA Meaning

Almost all political parties including the Indian national congress led by the chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Chairperson is the focal point of UPA and all political decisions discussed in this forum.


Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi played a core role in the UPA platform including other political parties also playing their role in strengthening the democracy in INDIA.

Frequently Asks Questions:

  1. Who is the chairperson of UPA?
  2. What is the Key Role of UPA?
  3. Where is the UPA Central Office?
  4. Does UPA Political Party?


Top 10 UPA Full-Forms

UPA- United Progressive Alliance

UPA- United Production of America

UPA- United Political Alliance

UPA- Under Prescription Advice

UPA- Urgent Provide Advice

UPA- Urban Planning Agency

UPA- Urban Patrolling Agency

UPA- Uniform Partnership Act

UPA- Unmarried Parent Activities

UPA- Underline Perfect Achievements

UPA- Underline Positive Attitude

UPA- University of Punjab Administration

UPA- Universal Progressive Alliance

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