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The SDM full form stands for (Sub Division Magistrate) A Sub Divisional magistrate is a designation that is occasionally delegated to the top official of a district subdivision level duties, and administrative office that is often below the level of district, depending on a country's governmental hierarchy.

All subdivisions Tehsils and Union councils are directly under the supervision of SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate). 

10 Powerful SDM Full Forms | Learn One by One

Tehsils SDM is responsible to exercise different magisterial duties under the 1973 criminal procedure code and many other minor actions. It is usually a PCS Ranking Officer.

The SDM is fully authorized by the collector magistrate, and tax inspector and all tehsils or subdivisions will be under the control of the Sub-divisional Magistrate. 

The SDM has complete control over his subdivision’s Tahsildars and represents a link of connection among both his subdivision’s District Officer and Tahsildars. Learn ADM Full Form

The SDM is also responsible to maintain and update the land record of whole tehsils through Tahsildars. The tehsil SDM is the focal point to exercise all administrative powers within the tehsil level.

SDM Key Responsibilities

  • Tehsil-level land record
  • Tehsil-level price control record
  • Tehsil-level Infrastructure record
  • Tehsil-level small organization’s registration record
  • Tehsil-level house building loan record
  • Tehsil-level safety and security measures

Successful SDM Should Have:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Constitution orient
  3. Attractive body language
  4. Full Knowledge of Jurisdiction
  5. Familiar with local people
  6. Take care of local traditions
  7. Soft communication skills
  8. Positive Behavior
  9. Good Team Player

Who Plays a Better Role of SDM?

SDM's role is very critical and hectic to address unconventional issues on daily basis. A male with a strong-minded person with full knowledge and patience has played the best role to handle uncertain situations. 

Females are not a good choice for the SDM position because they have many limitations in their professional and personal life. What is the full-form ADO? 

Ideal Age For SDM Position:

The SDM position demands a proactive approach in a quick time to responding to any public-related issues. From 30 to 45 age is perfect for males and 30 to 40 years of age is suitable for females.

Full-Form of SDM  “Sub Divisional Magistrate”


Top 10 SDM Full-Forms


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