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Top 10 Exact FCF Full Forms For Organizations

The FCF full form stands for “Final Clearance Form” An FCF is necessary to submit in the finance section before leaving the organization.  

The finance section examines all the sections clear the individual who resigned from the position. 

The FCF form design by the respective HR section for outgoing employees to get clearance from all concerned section heads.

Top 10 Exact FCF Full Forms For Organizations

FCF provides all concerned sections to check their record and mention in the respective area to inform the finance section of any outstanding belongs with exiting person. 80K how much in money?


Key Information in Final Clearance Form:

Employee’s Information i.e. (Name, Designation, Section, Location, Branch, Date of Joining, Date of Separation, and Length of service). An outgoing employee should get final clearance signatures with dates from the following sections. What is the full form of GRN?


Library: A librarian fills the portion to inform finance if any book or reading materials outstanding with outgoing.


Administration: Manager Administration fills the provided column to inform the finance section if anything outstanding with the exiting person.


Banks: Through the final clearance process all banks where staff salary going should get cleared of the respective person from the bank.


Human Resource: HR checks all employment records of the outgoing employee i.e. leave balance, benefits if outstanding, etc. (22 Ultimate HR Functions)


Finance:  Before paying or settling the final payment of outgoing employees, the finance section should check all payments or outstanding details i.e. salary advance, loan against salary, benefits details, etc.


IT Section:  The IT section should responsible to recover all devices provided to the employee i.e. computer, laptop, USB, data traveler, data bank, soft data official, etc.


Monitoring & Evaluation Section: All generated data either soft or hard is the sole property of the organization, MER section should collect all records i.e. work reports, progress reports, general data, survey data, notes for records including all official documentation. What Does JD stand for?


Office Canteen:  The outgoing employee should clear all monthly dues to the office canteen to get clearance from canteen manager. 


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Does the final clearance form is mandatory for the outgoing person?

Indeed, the final clearance process is necessary to get cleared from all sections to release the person with final payments.


Does final clearance is beneficial for the organization?

It is a very important activity carried by the human resource section to collect all intellectuals either hard and soft organization property to hand over the next coming person for the same position.


Who Can Perform Final Clearance?

Normally human resource department responsible to exercise the final clearance process of an outgoing employee, but a key part of finance is also necessary to determine the outstanding shape of equipment or cash because payment release by the finance section.


However, the concerned person also plays an important role while taking the final clearance process with different sections.



While completing the final clearance process, the human resource section should conduct the exit interview to determine the cause of leaving for better future planning. An outgoing employee always describing their real feelings and share why he/she left the position.


The exit interview should consist of the following key questions, but not least, the HR person can add the more relevant questions to clarify further. The exit interview atmosphere should pleasant to discuss each and every related to job leaving reasons. A cup of tea with informal discussion is also beneficial. Qualities of CEO in an organization.


Full-Form of FCF “Final Clearance Form”


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