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Top 10 Complete OGRA Full Forms In Oil

The full form of OGRA stands for “Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority” the OGRA is the governmental organization to looks after the oil and gas import and export information. 

The OGRA has the authority to settle oil and gas prices in the country to coup up the balance of supply and demand.

Top 10 Complete OGRA Full Forms In Oil

What Are the Key Objectives of OGRA?
The OGRA was established by the Federal Government through the regularity ordinance 2002. 

The main objective was to foster competition, enhance private investment and ownership in the mainstream and downstream petroleum industry.

OGRA Organization and Reporting Line?

The chairman of OGRA heads the organization to look after all administrative, finance, and human resource responsibilities.

Three main departments are the core team to run all oil and gas regulatory matters i.e. member Oil is responsible to look after oil-related matters. 

The Gas member heads the gas department and looks after all gas-related matters. All financial matters and accounting including annual or periodic audits look after by the member finance. What is the NLC Role?

What Are OGRA Sub Sections?

The oil section looking all oil-related matters regarding oil import and export. Look after all oil prices in-country and reschedule the price every 15 days.
Member GAS heading following sub-sections:
  1. GAS
  2. CNG
  3. LPG
  4. LNG

What are today’s Petroleum Prices in Pakistan?

Petroleum prices in Pakistan are directly linked with a foreign exchange rate of the dollar. Pakistan pays all petroleum bills through the dollar and its impact shown in prices. 

The OGRA revise petroleum prices in Pakistan every 1st day of the month. What is the full form of PEMRA?

OGRA Senior Management/Section Heads:

Mr. Imran Ghaznavi (Senior Executive Director) Corporate & Media Affairs.

Mr. Shahzad Iqbal (Senior Executive Director) Appeals.

Mr. Muazzam Hussain Chaudry (Senior Executive Director) Oil.

Mr. Sarmad Aslam (Senior Executive Director) CNG.

Mr. Anwar Ali Sheikh (Senior Executive Director) Admin.

Mr.  Sohail Ahmed Tariq (Senior Executive Director) Oil Enforcement.

Mr. Rizwan-Ul- Haq (Senior Executive Director) Legal/Litigation.

Ms. Misbah Yaqub (Senior Executive Director) GAS

Top 10 Complete OGRA Full-Forms

OGRA- Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority

OGRA- Oklahoma Gay Rodeo Association

OGRA- Ontario Goods Retailer Association

OGRA- Olympic Game Real Association

OGRA- Open Game Round Administration

OGRA- Original Grammar Reading Article

OGRA- Only Good Record Association

OGRA- Orient Green Reliance Auditorium

OGRA- Official Grade Record Appraisal

OGRA- Obtained Graduation Result Announcement












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