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20 Ultimate PRF Full Forms In Purchasing

The PRF full form stands for “Purchase Requisition Form” A PRF is an initial stage paper develop by the sections to listing their needs to run the department smoothly. 

The purchase requisition form comprises all information i.e. PRF ref #, initiation date, date of request, location of requester, procurement type,  date of delivery, special note if any, and requester signatures. Learn A to Z Procurement Process

20 Ultimate PRF Full Forms In Purchasing

Description of Goods:

A section head with the consensus of the respective employee should describe the goods.  Brand name, terms of use, warranty, replaceable,  good quality, repairable, branded, usage manual, depreciation life, and meeting the requirements

Product Unit:

How many units required fulfilling the section's needs? The product unit should clearly mention in the respective column of the Product unit. What Is The Full Form of NGO?

Product Quantity:

# of goods required. Quantity should be mentioned in the purchase requisition form for easy budgeting of the expenses.

Estimated Unit Cost:

Calculate per unit cost of the product and multiply with the quality of the products. An estimated cost per item should clearly mention in the respective column.

Estimated Total Cost:

Calculate all items per unit cost at the end of the purchase requisition form.  Make sure all estimated costs should be in the under-allocated budget. 

Donor/Project to Charge:

Finance section checks and charges all expenses of goods to go to the respective budget line and charge to the concerned donor for the financial report.

Budget Code:

Expenses should charge to the allocated budget code and show the expenses details appropriately for the annual audit. Clearly charge all relevant expenses to budget sub-code if needed.

Financial Review:

Before purchasing the items, a financial review will be conducted to check the budget available in the respective budget code. The financial review should incorporate into the purchase requisition form before collecting the quotation from the market.

Budget Availability:

The finance head makes sure the budget available for the subject procurement and line the expenses in the accordance with the budget allocation.  What is Goods Received Note?


The final stage of a purchase requisition is to get written approval from the approving authority and send the request for quotation accordingly.

Full-Form of PRF “Purchase Requisition Form

Top 20 Ultimate PRF Full-Forms

PRF- Purchase Requisition Form

PRF- Product Review Form

PRF- Planning Review Forum

PRF- Payment Request Form

PRF- Push Request Form

PRF- Procurement Request Formalities

PRF- Pending Review Figures

PRF- Power Redirect Formula

PRF- Profit Related Figures

PRF- Page Reference Facilities

PRF- Post Redirect Form

PRF- People Response Forum

PRF- Poor Record Files

PRF- Pulse Repetition Frequency

PRF- Project Return Foundation

PRF- Promotion Recommendation Form

PRF- Pay Roll Form

PRF- Plate Ready Film

PRF- Positive Real Functions

PRF- Pain Research Forum











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