Saturday, April 10, 2021

70 Things Student Should Know Educational Short Forms

The short form of knowledge is making life easy to understand the whole things in the educational sector. 

Especially students should familiar before being part of any field of specialization to choose for better future. Some educational short-form easy to learn and some are quite difficult to understand.

In this post, we’ll discuss some well-known educational short forms and their usage in student’s life.  Hopefully, the following information will provide clear guidelines and meaning of short form to decide better of students. 

70 Things Student Should Know Educational Short Forms

Associate Chartered Certified Accountant “ACCA” Associate Degree in Education “ADE” Bachelor of Accountancy “B. Acc” Bachelor of Architecture “B. Arch” Bachelor of Commerce “B. Com” Bachelor of Education “B. Ed” Bachelor of Engineering “B. Eng” Bachelor of Finance “B. Fin”

Bachelor of Science “B. S” Bachelor of Technology “B. Tech” Bachelor of Arts “BA” Bachelor of Applied Science “BASc” Bachelor of Business Administration “BBA” Bachelor of Computer Science “BCS” Bachelor of Design “BDeS” Business Development Studies “BDS” What is the Full Form of PNR?

Bachelor of Education Commerce “BEC” Bachelor of Educational Engineering “BEE” Bachelor of Fine “BFA” Bachelor of Health Science “BASc” Bachelor of Information Technology “BIT” Bachelor of Midwifery “BMid”  Bachelor of Music “BMus” Bachelor of Nursing “BNurs”

Bachelor of Science “BSc” Bachelor of Science in Engineering “BSE” Bachelor of Science and Nursing “BSN” Bachelor of Technological Education “BTech.Ed” Bachelor of Veternity Medicines and Surgery “BVMS”.

Chartered Accounting “CA” Diploma in Associate Engineering “DAE” Diploma in the Advanced Study Education “DASE” Doctor of Business Administration “DBA” Doctor of Coaching and Monitoring “DCaM” Doctor of Civil Law “DCL” Doctor of Dental Surgery “DDS” Doctor of Dental Medicine “DMD” Doctorate of Physical Therapy “DPT” Doctorate of Veternity Medicines “DVM” English Language Teaching Mgt “ELT”

Executive Master of Business Administration “EMBA” Environmental Science “ES” Fellowship of the college physician and surgery “FCPS”

Graduate Diploma in Law “GDL” Higher Secondary Certificate “HSC” Intermediate of Commerce “I. Com” Intermediate of Computer Science “ICS” International Relation “IR” Information Technology “IT” Bachelors Laws “LLB” Success Full Form

Masters in Commerce “M. Com” Masters of Philosophy “M. Phil” Masters of Education “M.Ed.” Masters of Arts “MA” Master of Business Administration “MBA” Masters of Computer Science “MCS” Master Development Studies “MDS” Masters of Emergency Management “MEM” Masters of Library Information Science “MLIS”

Masters of Library Science “MLS” Masters of Public Administration “MPA” Masters of Primary Care “MPC” Masters of Public Health “MPH” Masters of Public Policy “MPP” Masters of Professional Studies “MPS” Masters of Science “MS” Master of Social Science “MSc” Masters of Social Work “MSW” Doctorate of Philosophy “Ph.D.”

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