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Career Path:

Thus I started my job at ABC. I worked hard and steadfast to all the odds and social problems that were associated with the job of a cleaner as many of the nears and dears looked down upon me that virtually caused the alienation of my family to society. I never lost courage and hope and continued my struggle.


After one and a half years, ABC offered me to work as a peon because I had not only acquired experience but also had a little know-how of the English language. I remember when I received the office from the ABC, I was so excited that my moral and motivation became sky-high and I decided to pass the middle-class exams privately.


During that time, the watchman guided me a lot and gave me a chance to learn to type on computers. I spend several nights sitting in the office and learning typing and the basics of computer skills.


In 1996, the General Manager of ABC announced the golden handshake scheme to staff, and quite innocently, I also submitted my resignation to reap the benefits of this scheme. 

When I handed over my resignation to General Manager, he simply rejected my resignation and asked me to continue the job.


Later on, in the new structure of ABC, the General Manager very kindly promoted me to the position of copier operator/ dispatcher. In the meantime, I passed the matriculation exams privately and after two years, I passed my HSC exams also.

In 2003, I was again promoted to the post of office assistant and placed in Area Office, Over the next two-three years till 2005, I worked hard to appear in the graduation exams privately.


During this period, the official duty and household responsibilities were hindering me in my studies, so I opted for a transfer to the area office where I fully concentrated on my studies and successfully completed my graduation from the university as a private student.


Indeed after achieving my graduate degree, I never looked back and in 2007 I have received another promotion as Human Resource Officer at ABC.


Presently, I am attending my online ‘Masters’ classes from The Virtual University of Pakistan, and keeping in mind my past performance I am confident that it would not be so hard for me to achieve my master's degree and fulfill my dreams.


The message that I want to deliver from this testimony of my life are that sheer hard-work, steadfastness, and the blessings of God Almighty are the basic elements for transformation and set the course of one’s destination.


With all this, support and backstopping mechanism are needed to push and put the wheels of life on the track of success that ABC provided me. It was ABC that provided the thrust to unleash my potentials.


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