The Money Info website is intended to provide all information related to office administration, security, and safety, boarding and lodging, contract management, coordination with other departments, assistance to program staff, maintaining staff attendance, and other daily office work carried out by the admin section.  

The office administrator is the front desk officer to orients all delegations according to the organization's policy. He/she will be responsible to look:

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100K Meaning
200K Meaning
300K Meaning
400K Meaning
500K Meaning
600K Meaning
700K Meaning
800K Meaning
900K Meaning
1000K Meaning

Developing linkages with other stakeholders and partners is also the responsibility of the office administrator,  dealing with all suppliers and shipments to carry all stuff delivered to concerned offices and collect all things from other stakeholders as well. 

The admin skills website provide you all the information regarding office admin manager and how he/she organize themselves to overcome daily routine task including specially assigned task by the jobholder. 

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